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Celebrate with Secretary of State John Kerry the American Flag Raising and Opening of the American Embassy in Havana, Cuba on August 14th.

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Join top Diplomats, Civic, Government and Business Leaders, and over 100 members of the Worldwide Press who will be present at this historical event.

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Island Travel & Tours, Ltd. is your Cuba travel specialist. We are licensed by the U.S. Government to make all legal travel related arrangements for qualified individuals or groups who want to experience Cuba's historical past or explore the origins and development of Cuba's unique culture.


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legal travel to cuba with Island Travel and Tours

5 to 14 day people to people programs and tour packages offered by US government licensed organizations.

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Our Services

  • Providing information about licenses and regulations
  • Assisting with the travel license application
  • Providing travel visas or assisting with special visa handling
  • Providing customized research programs for professional researchers
  • Arranging air travel on a commercial or US charter carrier
  • Arranging airport transfers and ground transportation
  • Arranging accomodation and meal packages
  • Arranging amateur international sports programs
  • Making reservations for events, seminars, conferences and conventions
  • Arranging meetings or visits with Cuban professionals
  • Offering optional medical and travel insurance


Cuba has galleries, art museums, and community cultural centers that regularly display the works of Cuban painters. The most important are the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Haydée Santamaría Gallery of the House of the Americas, the Gallery of Havana, and the Fortress Castle. There, Cuba's foremost contemporary artists share space with younger artists.



"Of all of Cuba's important cultural assets, none speaks more eloquently of its history and evolution than its architecture. Like the country itself, Cuban architecture, with its distinct but difficult-to-define Cuban spirit, defies easy categorization. Spanning four centuries, this remarkable built legacy has been preserved largely through benign neglect, and so the island today serves as a rare archive of Caribbean architectural history waiting to be discovered."


U.S. Charter Flights

Direct U.S. air charter flights to Cuba
New Tampa and Miami Routes
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Our all inclusive land packages take care of our clients...
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Traveling To Cuba

According to the U.S.State Department, any US person may legally travel.
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All visitors to Cuba, Turkey & Panama must have a valid passport to obtain entry into the country.
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In addition to a valid passport, all visitors to Cuba must have a valid visa.
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Please note that we are unable to assist with arranging travel to Cuba, for unlicensed or recreational purposes. Due to recent changes in the regulations, we now offer assistance in arranging cultural, scientific & performing arts exchanges. To see if you are eligible to travel to Cuba legally, please review our recently updated licensing guidelines.